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LED screens with high brightness just change the whole outlook of an event. Not only does the set up looks more vibrant but also engaging. LED screens have relatively lower brightness and are most suitable for indoor display. That is why most of the indoor events have LED screens but what if you want to use an LED screen at an outdoor event and that too in the morning, afternoon or in the evening?

Mega Screen has set up its LED screens numeral times in day time events without compromising the quality or changing the outlook of an event. While other LED Screens have low brightness, Mega Screen LED screens have a brightness of 5000 nits, which is way greater than the normal brightness.

Advantages of Using Led Screens at Your Daytime Event

Here are a few benefits of using LED screens at your daytime event:

  • You can have vibrant, bold and bright attention-grabbing displays at your event.
  • You can have unique content opportunities and can tell a lot about your event through our LED screens.
  • You can operate them from anywhere.
  • They create a special effect on your festival or event.
  • You can have a different drop back for multiple performances.
  • It increases the overall environment to a professional level if you are organizing an educational or professional event.

Led Screen Brightness

LED Screen brightness is the only factor that sets it apart from other LED screens. If you want to have an LED screen for an indoor event, the normal brightness displays would do but for an outdoor event, high brightness LED screens are a must. Or else, you know what happens when you take your smartphone out in the sun. you really can’t understand what’s on the screen. No matter how sharp and rugged the display of an LED is, it just gets vivid and less vibrant in the sun.

So, for your outdoor event, you must look for an LED screen working on high brightness. As we told you earlier, our LED screens have a luminous capacity of about 5000 nits, which is enough for you to display your content vibrantly even in sunlight.

Or else, your content on the screen would look muddy, less vivid and less sharp. This is in fact, a complete turn-off.

Disadvantages of Lower Brightness In Led Screens

Here are some disadvantages of lower brightness in LED screens:

·        Less Vibrant

Your content would be displayed less vibrantly. To gain the attention of attendees, you need a vibrant display or a vibrant screen to introduce yourself or to showcase your unique content to the world.

·        Less Vivid

Anytime you’d try to put on the LED screens would be unclear. The attendees would not be able to see clearly what’s on the screen. Ultimately, their attention would be diverted to something else.

·        It Is A Turn Off

Lower brightness LED screens are a major turn off. It is frustrating to not being able to read clearly even by being closer to the screen.

·        The Content Would Not Be Colorful

If you are using an LED screen for displaying colorful pictures and videos, then lower brightness can ruin your idea. In lower brightness, not only the colors get dull but also the pictures and videos look muddy.

·        It’s A Waste of Money

What is the use of spending money on lower brightness LED screens if they cannot deliver what they’ve been put for?

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