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Facts about health by Punit Dhawan- Water and abs, myths busted!

Facts about health by Punit Dhawan- Water and abs, myths busted!

Weight loss myths prevail all over and have been into existence since ages! You often might have heard that drinking water while working out is something you should never do. Also, another major misconception people have and are forced to believe that drinking water during abs workout is harmful. By doing so, you do not allow your muscles to burn properly thus hampering your abs development.

Isn’t that really absurd? Well, many of you too might have heard this proclamation and sadly believe it too! Punit Dhawan is, therefore, busting these weight myths and has successfully changed several minds to date.

Let’s begin with water during working out on the whole!

It is absolutely fine to drink water during your workout. The temperature to does not have to be specific. Drink what suits you. The entire reason behind stating the latter is that many people tend to get dehydrated soon and that is very dangerous especially while working out. You can fall unconscious too if your body is severely dehydrated and injure yourself from objects around. Moreover, drinking water during workout gives you slight energy and this has been proven in many scientific studies too.

Can water be drunk while doing abs workout?

Weight loss myths around the world have created absurd beliefs and strategies. Water during abs workout is the biggest question for most gym freaks. Well, Punit Dhawan has successfully brought the truth to light through his extensive research and personally tried and tested methods.

It is absolutely fine to take a sip or two during your workout, no matter which workout you’re doing! During the workout, the body temperature rises and this is the time your body needs water the most. Pushing your body to work out and not giving it what it needs is simple damaging your body! If you feel thirsty, take a sip or two and then continue working out.

How did this myth come into being?

Not drinking water to bring out definition in your abs faster is actually a trick that bodybuilders use for competitions. They cut down their water intake drastically so that their body and its carvings are all the more visible and that helps them look perfectly toned and ripped for their competitions. However, they do under expert guidance with proper measures. And most importantly- they do this for a short period of time. The reason they do not use this method for long is that it is extremely harmful to the body. Thus, under expert guidance and taking proper measures, they do so for a few days for the main day.

This is how this weight loss myth came into being that drinking less water gets you thin and toned. Isn’t it absurd? Following something that you don’t know much about! Drinking less water is not going to get your abs toned faster but is going to take you to the hospital! 

Believe in your workout and follow a good routine. Take a proper diet and don’t believe myths! 


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