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Kenya: Zebra with rare polka-dot seen in Wildlife Century, crowds gathered to see

Last updated on September 26, 2019

Not only the world of humans, but the world of animals is also amazing. Even in his world, new and surprising things are seen every day. One such incident has come to light from Kenya’s National Wildlife Sanctuary. Here polka dots have been seen in place of stripes on the body of a newborn zebra.

The color of this zebra is black and there are small white-colored polka dots on its body. Actually this is because this zebra is seriously ill and has white rashes on its body.

This was seen for the first time when photographer Frank Liu was looking for rhinos for photography when he got his eye on this zebra. At first glance, he felt that paint had been applied to the body of the zebra. At first glance, it looked like a completely different species. When Frank Liu took a picture of it, the picture went viral shortly. After this, many people came to see the rare zebra.

Explain that he is struggling with a disease named Zebra Melanism. In this disease, stripes do not develop on the body and small spots are seen.

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