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NASA praises ‘Chandrayaan-2’, says mission should be inspired

An engineer associated with the vehicle system at the US space agency NASA believes that there is a need to learn from Chandrayaan 2. The engineer has said that the recent ‘Chandrayaan-2’ mission has been a learning experience for Indian scientists as it has helped ISRO to gather a lot more information about the moon. Annie Devereaux, working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), is the leading flight system engineer associated with the US Space Agency’s Mars mission 2020.

“Indian scientists did a great job,” Devereaux said at the American Center here on Wednesday. Much more information was collected. The orbiter is successful. ”

It is noteworthy that ‘Chandramayan-2’ lander ‘Vikram’ lost contact with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) ground station during an attempt to make a soft landing on the lunar surface in the early hours of September. Within the lander, the rover ‘Pragyan’ was closed which was to be carried out on the lunar surface by scientific experiments.

Asked what would have happened to the ‘Chandrayaan-2’ lander, the NASA engineer said, “It is the job of ISRO scientists to find out what went wrong.” He said, “These Indian scientists Is a learning experience for We learn from failures. ”

Devereaux said that even her husband was keeping an eye on India’s Chandrayaan-2 lander from JPL that day, but after some time she sent the message, “Now I don’t see it.”

He said that the ‘Chandrayaan-1’ mission was successful which confirmed the significant presence of water on the moon.

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