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Russia may be out of Tokyo Olympics; Wada seeks data on drug-positive athletes in 3 weeks

Last updated on September 27, 2019

Russia may also be out of the Tokyo Olympics due to non-availability of data to the WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency. Wada suspects that Russia has deleted the lab data of drug-positive athletes. Despite this, Russia has been given three weeks. Jonathan Taylor, chairman of WADA, said- We have some evidence. On the basis of which it can be said that Russia has deleted the data of drug positive athletes. If Russia is not able to prove innocence in three weeks, then it will have to face very stringent restrictions in the sports sector.

Hosting rights can also be taken away

According to media reports, Russia’s proven guilty of deleting data of athletes found to be drug-positive would prove to be very costly. He can also be eliminated from the Tokyo Olympics as well as the World Championship. Not only this, he will not be able to organize any big games.

Why did this situation happen?

Russia handed over data of its government doping lab to Wada in January this year. It is in Moscow. Russia said that after handing over this integrated data, it should be excluded from WADA’s restricted lab list. But, on Monday, Wada made it clear that the data it has received is not reliable. Wada stated that Russia did not follow the institution’s standards. The special thing is that Yuri Ganus, the director of Russia’s doping agency, also believed that the data sent to Wada may have been tampered with. Yuri said that it would be painful if action is taken against Russia.

What will happen next?

According to Taylor, there are two options in this case. First- Wada will wait for Russia’s reply. After this, it can be banned according to the new rules. Second, Russia should file an appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS). The decision of CAS will be valid for all. If he wants, he can leave Russia by the warning. But, there Wada’s arguments will be stronger. That is why Taylor said – it is too early to reach any conclusion.

Started in 2015

The doping between Russia and Wada began in 2015. Wada recommended Russia’s exit from the 2016 Rio Olympics, considering the Moscow lab’s data still suspicious. However, this recommendation was rejected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Russia suffered in Khamiaja 2018. He was allowed to participate in the PyeongCheng Winter Olympics but was not entitled to medals.

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